Below is a list of recommended products to be used in conjuction with our products. Available from

Stable Univeral Engine Test Stand. Adjustable arms will line up to the mounting holes on our full ring

engine stand


Jack to get engine up to stand. Mount the ring and adjustable arm with sleeve to engine first, lift the engine and adapters up and slide the stand into the sleeve. Nice to have but not necessary if you have some friends with muscle

platform jack

Outboard fuel setups are safe and have great fuel primer bulbs to fill the carbs. Fuel lines are small diameter, but will work great sonce the engine isn't under any load to demand too much fuel.

Fuel Tank

Fuel Line and Primer

fuel tankfuel line

Here's an inexpensive tachometer and dwell meter is useful for setting points and adjusting carbs

dwell meter

The current clamp meter below is useful in measuring the output and function of your generator or alternator


current clamp


This engine stand is made for VW and Porsche. Our half ring adapter can work with this so you can start/crank the engine on this stand.

engine stand



Battery Cables. Red goes to larger terminal on the starter and black goes to engine ground. Ground can attach to our adapter ring or any ground. Jumper cables will work, but these are best.

Red 32"

Black 25"

red cable

Timing light with advance knob. This allows you to check distributor advance at various RPM's without marking new angles on the crank pulley

non-advance light

timing light

Our control box monitors the oil pressure idiot light, but this mechanical guage can give you the actual oil pressure. Inexpensive but will require some plumbing adapter to go from 1/4" NPT to the metric fitting in the block. This is a water guage but will work with oil too!

oil pressure

Here's a nice fuel pressure and vacuum guage. Fuel pressure is very important before setting float heights.

fuel pressure

Listen for strange noises emanating from within


This tool measures the health of your engine by diagnosing if you have worn rings, cylinders, valves, or seats. I highly recommend this even over a compression tester

leak down

Carb synchronization tool used to measure airflow iSSnto each cylinder

carb synch